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Osnat Levy Speech – 2016 Client Appreciation Party

Good evening everyone. Thank you so much for coming tonight. Today I would like to share with you some things which inspire and motivate me in my life. These are really small things. They are stories I create for myself and I use them as motivation and inspiration.

Last winter after a big snow storm I met my friend Judy for coffee and we were chit-chatting, talking. We got to talking about the terrible blizzards of the past year. “Remember”, I said, that awful snowstorm in February? It was midnight, the snow kept falling.. it was freezing cold. Probably you remember that storm? It will happen again soon, I am sure. That night, the snow plowers were taking a break near my condo. They stopped the car. It was midnight. I went out with a cup of coffee, and a few biscuits and I gave it to them. They were so appreciative  ..and I was so happy it made my day really bright!”.

And then Judy said, “I do something very similar. I carry with me gift cards to Dunkin Donuts. Every time I come across someone who is doing something nice and I want to show my appreciation, to say thank you, I hand that person a small DD gift card.  Sometimes I just randomly give them to people on the street. People are always surprised and so appreciative .” She handed me one card and said: “ try it”.

The next time I went to fill my gas I handed that card to the guy who helped me there.

He said: “Thank you Ms.”

A few second after he came back over to me and said,: “Ms what is this?”

And I said, “this is a gift card for Dunkin Donuts”.

“Yes, yes, But what do you do with it?”, he asked.

I said,” do you see the DD over there? You go with this card, you get yourself coffee and doughnuts you give them the card… it pays for the donut and coffee.”

And he said: “this is that for ME?”

“Yes this is for you and thank you very much!”

He was so happy and so appreciative that I went and bought ten more gift cards. I gave one to the mailman, one to the UPS guy who always leaves a treat for my dog, and to the people who are doing my lawn. Every time I gave one, the experience was so amazing that it brightened my own day.

Another example about things I like to create.

Udi, who is here I think? Where are you Udi? He is my personal trainer. I love you Udi. This March I told him as a joke ( I never really meant it at all) “Udi, you know my dream was always to do a handstand”. Udi looked at me with a big smile and said, “Really?”

I said: “yes”. So he said, “we can work on that.”

Udi (calling from the audience): no I said let’s do it!

To which I replied, “LETS DO IT!!!!”

But I didn’t mean we should ACTUALLY  do it. BUT… we started doing it. You know, it was terrible.  To be with my hands down,  and try to kick my legs up .Ask Udi, my legs didn’t lift off the ground!!!! It was horrible.

So two weeks after trying to lift my legs I told Udi,” you know, in three months I have my 53rd birthday. On Aug. 5th and I would like to post myself doing a handstand on my birthday”.

And so, we started practicing. And on my 53rd birthday, I was able to post myself on Facebook doing a handstand.  Now, it wasn’t perfect. What you don’t know from the photo is that I couldn’t bring myself up. Udi helped me with that. So we are still working. Now, I can kick myself all the way to the wall. I can hold myself for one minute!!! And, you wait… next year I’m going to show you how I’m walking on my hands. Small steps.

Audience: “you should bike on your hands”.

I’ll bike on my hands!!!!!

Other things that inspire me, I keep as memories. Actually, I brought something, I have a broken leash. This is a memory. Broken leash…  from four years ago, when I adopted my wild Pitbull. I was the fifth owner and he was really wild. He got accustomed to bullying his owners, I guess. Every time he would want something he would jump at ME and grab my hand. AND he would try to get away with that. Three weeks after I got him, it was Thanksgiving Day, all stores were closed everything was closed. We were out on the field and he wanted to play. He was on a leash. He jumped at me to grab my hand. Out of desperation, I let him go. He chewed the leash and let himself go. I was crying. I didn’t know what to do. But then I thought: what are the options? I mean there were no other options. I was the fifth owner. I took the leash with me and I decided: this dog will become a good dog. And he is an amazing, the best dog you have ever met. Everyone who knows him will tell you that he is an amazing dog. Right?

I keep all those small things that I write on my wall.  All my goals from 2007, 2008: be able to celebrate my son Bar Mitzvah, go to Costa Rica, do different things. And then, I actually do them…and it makes me feel so good about achieving things. My small steps are leading me to my own feelings of success.

But probably you remember: I have the bright side which is from my father, the Egyptian side, but also I have the very dark side. The pessimistic side of my grandmother, who is always thinking that the sky is going to fall. Even if everything is good, she will find a reason why something is not good. Sometimes I have those days. When that happens to me, I look to other people stories.

In 2012 I came across a piece in the paper about a young athlete by the name Matt Stutzman. I read about him. He had won the silver medal at the Paralympic games. I was so impressed and so inspired by his story that I started to google and watch his YouTube.    Over the past four years, from time to time, I would watch that YouTube and follow him. Now, before the Rio games, I thought about him again and I started to again watch your videos, Matt.  Now I have a Real Estate team, and when I met with my team before we started working I said, you all have to watch the YouTube of Matt, as an inspiration”. We all watched him and I said, “I wish I could meet Matt”. We went home and I kept thinking, I wish I could meet Matt.

This is really very egoistic feeling of me. I want everyone I love and care about to meet Matt and to hear his story. So I called Tamar, my assistant and said, “Tamar I have a crazy idea, don’t laugh. What do you think of having us bring Matt to our party?”

…. And before I knew it Matt was here.

Please welcome Matt Stutzman.





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