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Osnat Levy Speech “Someone Is Watching Over Me” – 2017 Client Appreciation Party

I want to share with you how amazing and wonderful 2017 was for me. In 2017, I was lucky enough to meet with the right people who led me to the right organizations. But right before that, I want to take you back in time to a moment that I am taking with me to life, a moment of realization that someone is watching over me.


I would like to share with you the time in my life that the seeds for that understanding have been planted in me.  That was many years ago in a very difficult time in my life. I was fourteen and went through two horrible accidents.

The first time I went horseback riding with Margo.

Margo was a new horse to the stable and I went out with a friend: Shmulik he took Gingi (redhead). As we started going out a friend told me: be careful with Margo we think that she doesn’t know all the cues. It turns out to be very true. We were out and very quickly I realized I can’t control that horse. I said to Shmulik, Please let’s go back I don’t feel very comfortable with her. And he said:  yea, let’s just walk very slowly. We started walking in the fields and when we were behind the orchard suddenly he is calling me: are you careful, which to that I said: Yes I am. And within a minute he was gone full speed galloping. Now, It turned out that he asked me: Galloping? Now you all wondering: what’s going on? Well in Hebrew it is sound very similar: DEHIRA (galloping) vs ZEHIRA (are you careful). He was quite far from me and I thought he cared about me but it turned to be not true. He just wanted to go gallop. He despaired I was left alone with that horse trying to control her. And she is going behind the orchard when we are taking a left turn when she is opening a full speed galloping into an artificial sand hill. Her front legs sank into the hill.  She flap broke her neck, I was thrown off her. I was fine. But I was alone with a dead horse and I needed to go back to the Kibbutz.


Three years later, I kind of recovered, I took care of another horse: Ayala, which was a great horse and I really liked her. It was a late afternoon, I walked in the field with her, we were kind of running galloping, and all of a sudden she has tried to jump over something, she tripped, she fell and broke her leg. This is a death sentence to a horse. And I was alone, again with a horse. I needed to make that trip again to the Kibbutz.

I know what you are thinking, I thought the same: She killed a horse, two horses. Who kills a horse? How does that happen?

I’ve never shared it with anyone; it was my secret because I killed a horse.

And as I was walking to the Kibbutz, some realization comes to me. I understood that I was very fortunate, I’m fortune to be alive because I was supposed to be dead, not the horse. And I took that with me to life, and I realized someone is watching over me. I’m not a religious person, perhaps a little spiritual, but I realized that I need to pay back. And I need to pay back to whomever, the universe who is watching over me. And paying back starts with being tuned and listening to the needs of the others. And I’ve made that as a goal for myself to always try to listen to what the other needs.

So this year I read something about a high school in Israel of a small minority: Druze- a religious group in Israel – and it touched me what I read about that school and I decided to collaborate with them.

I contacted the principle of the school and told him I would like to donate to the school to support kids who cannot afford it and give them scholarships to learn there.

I just came back from Israel after meeting the kids in that school, it was so heartwarming. They touched me so much that I was crying when I met with them. It was an amazing experience.

I would really like you to have that kind of experience. So what I’ve done I prepared for you a goody bag with two very purchase things.

I have a child in a goody bag for each one of you.  a real child. And I have an elephant, a real elephant.

The child: I was in Peru this year. I put pictures on facebook. And the universe is watching me, right. So a friend I haven’t talked with for forty years contact me and wrote: I know someone in Cusco, you might want to be in touch with him and of course I said Yes!

She put me in touch with Avishai.

Avishai came back to Cusco with his wife Viviana a few years ago. They got friends with a woman who runs an orphanage. Unfortunately, that woman passed away from cancer and the kids became orphaned the second time. The social worker asked Avishai and Viviana if they will be willing to take upon themselves the orphanage. They took the kids and they take care of them.

We had a full day with the kids. They teach them how to speak English, how to communicate with tourist. They took us for a hike. They teach them arts and crafts. After we came back from the hike we went with them to their children house. Avishai is from a kibbutz, like me. They have chores they learn how to cook how to do different staff. I really loved those children. So each one of you has a card that they prepared for you.

Please be in touch with them, write them something, in English, they would really appreciate that.

I put the address for you.

The other thing: I put an elephant for you.  I came back from Peru and met with new clients. I’m listening, I’m asking them questions. Well, Courtney and Ben are not here today as Courtney back in Kenya, but it came up as we were talking that they love elephants. And I said I love elephants as well. They said you know you can adopt a baby elephant, an orphan baby elephant. So, of course, I looked into that and I bought for each one of you a baby elephant, from Kenya. You can follow your baby elephant on the internet when you’ll be in Kenya, you can go and visit, just give them heads up, and please take care of your elephant.

I put two things that are very precious to me. I think that we really need to make a difference by taking care of the children who are the future and the wildlife that will stay with our children. By each one of us making a difference in the heart of one person, we can make a huge difference in this world. It can be a great experience and we can make this year the year we start to make a different!

Happy New Year everyone!

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