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Gift Her – Original Gifts for Mother’s Day

Gift Her – Original Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day comes every May, and every May it can be a struggle to find a gift Mom will love.  You want to show her you love her with the perfect gift, but what is the perfect gift?  Most likely you’ve given Mom a lot of gifts over the years, and your ideas are probably starting to run thin. This year, consider some truly unique gifts she will be sure to love.  Looking for some ideas?

1.   Mother/Child Tattoo

Admittedly this one isn’t for every mom, but for the moms that are open to getting some ink, a mother/child tattoo is the perfect gift.  The physical pain of a tattoo will ensure she will never forget when she got it, but why not add an extra element of meaning by making it her Mother’s Day gift?

If your mom doesn’t have a tattoo already, she probably doesn’t know where to begin, so setting up everything for her can be a part of the gift.  Unless you have a tattoo artist you know and trust, the internet is a great place to start.  Look for local tattoo parlors through Yelp or Google, and then check out their work on their web pages.  Most tattoo artists have their own distinctive style, so look for someone who’s doing the kind of work that appeals to you.  Another method to find a tattoo artist you want to work with is to ask people with tattoos you admire where they got them done.  Most people with tattoos are more than happy to tell you who did the work for them.

2.   Print Photos For The Fridge

Moms love photos; it’s nearly a universal rule.  Chances are she already has quite a few sitting on shelves and hanging on the wall, but how about printing some for her refrigerator?  Photo magnets would both help her keep things stuck to the fridge and allow her to show off kids, grandkids, pets, or other photos at the same time.

Ordering them online from a site such as is quick and easy, and you can have them delivered right to your door, or hers if you prefer.  And keep this idea on file, since Mom would likely enjoy getting new photos for her refrigerator as gifts forMother’s Day in coming years as well.

3.   Pink Teavana Perfetea Maker

The gift of a perfect cup of tea is one Mom will surely treasure.  Unwinding with a mug of hot tea is a great way for her to relieve stress and just relax, and the Pink Teavana Perfetea Maker makes the process of brewing an amazing cup of tea easy.  Simply add hot water and loose-leaf tea to the Pertectea Maker, let it steep, then place it over your cup when the steeping is done.

4.   Diy Terrarium For Mother’s Day

A DIY terrarium makes an adorable gift for your mom on Mother’s Day. You can collect unused glass vessels or bottles to craft appealing terrariums for plants for interior decors.  Terrariums are easy to create and maintain. They are ideal for persons who love to keep living things.

Required Materials
The whole process takes about one hour to complete. You should have the following materials to design a terrarium.

  • Glass vessels, such as vases or bowls
  • Small stones, gravels, and rocks for decoration
  • Charcoal
  • Suitable soils for plants
  • Various indoor plants such as the Ferns, Mosses, Angel Tears, and other small plants
  • Decorative items

Making The Terrarium

Step 1: Clean and dry the glass vessel. Add rocks, stones, and gravels one inch deep to create drainage for plant roots.

Step 2: Add a layer of charcoal to maintain the freshness of water by thwarting the molds and bacteria from sprouting up.

Step 3: Add some layers of soil to hold the roots of plants.

Step 4: Place the small live plants in a glass terrarium. Mix several plants to make them look adorable. Ensure the leaves are not touching the glass edges to avoid rotting.

Step 5: At this stage, you can choose to add beautiful stuff such as the rose quartz, colored stones or stems, and other polished items.

Step 6: Put the terrarium in a spectacular area where the plants can obtain some light indirectly.

Step 7: Present your lovely gift to your Mother on a Mother’s Day

Maintaining The Terrarium

The terrarium can remain open or locked slightly with a lid. Water lightly each day and prune regularly to keep the growth steady.

5.   Slideshow Movie from Old Pics

Mother’s Day is a great moment for you to make that extra effort to care for your lovely mom. To make an amazing and natural souvenir, you only need a few memorable photos, a collection of her favorite music tunes, and a slideshow tool, for example the Proshow, which can be downloaded easily from the Internet.

It only takes a few minutes and you will have your wonderful DIY substance ready to share with your mom either through online platforms, DVD or other possible means. As Mother’s Day approaches, grab this opportunity to make your mom a unique gift that she has never imagined! You can delight your mother with cherished memories of her youthful times as she glances through her old photos.

Required Items

  • Old pictures from various photo albums or social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram
  • Interesting movie clips such as her wedding movie clips
  • A tool to digitize your photos and movie clips such as the Proshow or other available devices.

Steps To Make The Slideshows

Step 1:  Download the Proshow software for your desktop or an app, register, and log in to start the process.

Step 2: Create a new slide by adding photos, video clips, and music. Select your favorite theme style for your show then press the create button to preview the slides.

Step 3: Publish and present your Mother’s Day slideshows in any format suitable for them. You can organize a small party with relatives and friends or just a small group of family members. But if you stay far from your mom, you can package it in a form of a DVD and send it to her. She will be amused to watch the exclusive award from her child. This is one of the best natural gifts you can give to your parents on such rare occasions.

These ideas are just a few of the many creative possibilities for Mom.  While she insists she loves anything you buy her, why not make her day special and get her something she will truly love this year?

Happy Mother’s Day,


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