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Art in the Woods

Art in the Woods

Last Sunday I walked my dog to Kennard Park in Newton. A big red sculpture caught my attention. It was a Pagoda-like gate welcoming us. I was surprised to find myself walking into an art display in the middle of the woods hidden among the trees and wild ferns.
I walked from one sculpture to another like Alice in wonderland. The trail took me into my beloved “forest” and there more miracles were revealed to create a magical dream. This experience felt like a treasure hunt for your imagination.
I was so happy and excited and I want to say a BIG thank you to the City of Newton that brought this beauty to our community and allowed us to enjoy this park via the eyes of talented artists, who respect nature and the surroundings.
This installation will last until November 11 of this year, so before it is over take your kids, your dog or just yourself, and go for a nice walk at Kennard Park. Look for the Buddha Dream, the Aztec god of wind, and look carefully for the birds on the trees and for the hands in the river.

I hope you’ll enjoy your walk as much as I did.

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