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My First Love

My First Love

My first love was conceived during the long and dark nights spent at the children’s house in my Kibbutz. We were five years old and shared a bedroom. He was pale and slim with dark hair and sad brown eyes.  Every night the nanny would turn the lights off, resort to her room and leave us alone in the dark.  After some talking and a bit of whispering, we would fall asleep- but not for long!

Almost every night the ‘wild things’ would come to visit and haunt my friend. The big black dog with the long hair was the worst. It would run after him and bite him with his long sharp teeth. I was the only one to help Erez fight the big black dog. I would wake up to find him sitting up in his bed- “Did you see him?” he asked. Night after night he would describe to me the scary dog that hunted him, and we would then talk about it. We fell in love.

When we were eight we talked about getting married. We envisioned the farm-zoo we would live on along with animals from all over the world: elephants, tigers, lions, monkeys, dogs and horses.  Erez, who was very methodical, said we should have snakes and scorpions, too. I said: ‘NO!’ This was our first fight; we couldn’t agree on the kinds of animals we’d have in our big farm-zoo.

Later at the age of thirteen I was sharing a bedroom apartment with Erez and Bennie. As young teens, the boys were all into Patrick Kim- a then popular xxx paperback. They would hide it in the closet to avoid sharing it with their female roommate. Little did they know that when they were gone, she would read the book as well.

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