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Jewish Boston

Jewish Boston

The Jewish and Israeli community in Boston and its environs is large, cohesive and active. It is difficult to get the actual number of Israelis in the area, but it is estimated at several thousand. Many Israeli’s are here for study programs and live closer to the city and the universities, while the longer term business community are found in the suburbs. Primarily Newton, Brookline, Framingham, Needham and Lexington.

There are hundreds of smaller Jewish communities around the state starting in Boston itself, to the south shore, north shore, Cape Cod and out into Western Massachusetts. Examples include Sharon, MA, a community south of the city with a large religious community. In Amherst, MA, two hours from Boston there is a wonderful museum of Yiddish literature and in Newport, RI you can find the first synagogue built in the United States.

Relocation to Boston from Israel

Israel relocation to boston

There is an Israeli Consulate in Boston and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Absorption operate a group inside the consulate a group called “The Israel House” (הבית הישראלי) to maintain and support the relationship with the community. They organize activities and arrange ceremonies and holidays.

Other cultural and business groups active in the community include:

There are various forums on Facebook (ישראלים בבוסטון) and Walla (פורום פעוטות ותינוקות), which are updated on a regular basis and give answers to questions, show sale of household items and provide updates about events. Other adult focused groups include the Israeli Woman’s Business Network and a Hebrew book club, folk dancing, singing group sand much more.

For the younger generation, there are educational frameworks for Hebrew in the afternoons such as the Israeli Schools of Lexington and Brookline/Newton. The Israeli Scouts (Tsoffim) have a very active group and activities for teenagers.

Hebrew realtor Boston

Hebrew Speaking Realtor in Boston

The Boston Jewish community is active and thriving. Much of the activity centers around the various temples and they include religious activities and many social events as well.  The community has many centers including the JCC (Jewish Community Center) in Newton and many active charities, many supporting the State of Israel.

There are a number of private Jewish day schools in Newton, Brookline, Sharon, Waltham, Watertown, Peabody, Framingham and other areas. Every year there are community events including the Boston Jewish Film Festival, Yom Ha’atsma’ut, Yom Ha’Zikaron, Chanukah and Yom Ha’sho’ah


Kosher Restaurants in the Boston Area

There is a whole list of restaurants in the city of Boston and its surrounding areas which are considered to be Kosher. The Milk Street Cafe, located on Milk street is one such location within the city. In Brookline, there is the Cafe Eilat located at 406 Harvard Street, the Jerusalem Pita located at 10 Pleasant Street, Rami’s Falafel at 324 Harvard Street, Rubin’s Deli at 500 Harvard Street, and Ta’am China at 423 Harvard Street. In Newton, there is Team China II at 108 Oak Street.

Kosher Food and Supermarkets in the Boston Area

When it comes to Kosher markets, there are a number of those within the Boston area as well.

Many supermarkets and other food stores will have Kosher food sections and keep a range of dry and fresh food on hand. Before Pesach, huge supplies of special supplies will also hit the shelves.

In Brookline, one can visit

  • The Butcherie at 428 Harvard Street,
  • Catering by Andrew at 404 Harvard Street,
  • Creative Pastries at 392 Harvard Street,
  • Cheryl Ann’s Bakery at 1010 West Roxbury Parkway,
  • JP Links at 311a Harvard Street,
  • Kupel’s Bakery at 421 Harvard Street.(

In Newton, those looking for Kosher markets can try

  • Rosenfeld’s Bagels at 1280 Centre Street,
  • Sweetberry Cafe and Catering at 333 Nahanton Street,
  • Wald’s Catering at 160 Stanton Avenue.

There are also Kosher Bed and Breakfasts in the area as well as Jewish book stores, gift shops, and many synagogues.

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