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Selling your Home – Seller’s Agent

So you’ve decided to sell your home. While this decision in itself is a huge one, it opens the doors for many more decisions that must be made. How do you go about selling your home? Do you take out an ad in the local newspaper? Advertise online? Put a ‘For Sale’ sign in the yard? All of the above? While each of these methods are simple ways to begin the selling process, they are all lacking, and leave a lot of work for you to do. Real Estate Agencies and professional Realtors like Osnat Levy of Unlimited Sotheby’s International Realty in Newton, Boston and Wellesley know that those are just the first few steps to selling any home or property, and will help guide you through the huge list of others steps involved in selling a home. If you need help selling your house in Boston, Brookline, Needham, Newton, Framingham, Lexington or the Boston Metro areas, give Realtor – Osnat Levy a call today.

What Does A Seller Agent Do?

There are many duties that a seller’s agent undertakes to make the sale of your home or property go more smoothly. The seller agent is here to do exactly as the name implies…represent you, the seller, during the sale of your home. During this process, their job entails a lot more than simply advertising and showing your home. Here is a list of things which a seller agent can do for you:

Help Decide the Selling Price – Without a seller’s agent, it would be up to the seller to research the market and decide what to set the price of the home as. A good seller agent, however, already has a working knowledge of the housing market, and knows exactly what top dollar could be for your home.


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Presenting Your Home to the Market– A seller’s agent can help show you simple and inexpensive ways to upgrade your home in order to make it more appealing to buyers. A few changes to the yard could give your home better curb appeal, for example, while a coat of paint or and updated kitchen might draw the potential buyers inside the home.

Marketing Your Home – This step involves a lot more than just sticking a ‘For Sale’ sign out in front of the house. A seller’s agent will advertise online for you, send out direct mail flyers, make appointments to show the home, run ads in the local papers, and notify buyers in the area who are looking for homes similar to yours.

Negotiate the Sale – Once all of the above steps have been taken and you have one or more buyers interested in the home, a seller’s agent will handle all of the negotiations for you as well. Seller’s agents and real estate sellers have the knowledge and experience to negotiate your deal to get you the best price. All of the paperwork involved in the sale will be handled and looked over by a seller agent as well as a buyer agent.

Basic Steps to Selling Property

Determine Price – Determining the price of your property is the first step in selling it. For most, however, this can be a very confusing process. A seller’s agent can help you to determine just how much your property is worth on the current market and guide you in the choice of list price.

Prepare the Property for Sale – Your Realtor can also help you to go over an aspect of the property which needs to be prepared for the sale. This can be anything from cleaning the yard, to planting a few flowers, to painting the outside, to small repairs and fresh paint inside. Of course, a property can be sold as is, but in order to receive top dollar on the market, you may wish to refresh the home a bit to prepare it for sale.

Market the Home – This step is also easier handled by your Realtor. This is because the agent will know the correct wording and process to use in order to advertise your home in the best possible light. You may choose to market your property online, in the local paper, by using ‘For Sale’ signs, and by word of mouth as the agent shares your home with potential buyers in your area.

Show the Home – A good Realtor will also show the home for you. Agents may schedule appointments for potential buyers to see the home, and they may work with a lockbox so that potential buyers can just go by themselves and see the home using a code. Hosting an open house can sometimes boost the number of offers that a seller will receive for their home as well.  If you have any questions involving the selling process, give real estate agent Osnat Levy a call today at 617-833-1055.

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